Terms + Conditions


Gemstone Policy

The gemstones sold herein have been purchased from legitimate sources. Irene Lummertz Jewelry guarantees that these gemstones are natural and conflict free, based on personal knowledge and provided by the supplier. 


Irene Lummertz Jewelry is pleased to repair merchandise purchased from Irene Lummertz Jewelry as a result from an original manufacturing. Once in receipt of the damaged goods an Irene Lummertz jeweler will professionally inspect the piece to determine the proper course of action. However, products which are deemed to have been modified by a third party jeweler or abused will not be covered under our warranty.

In the event that you have exceeded our 90 day warranty period, Irene Lummertz Jewelry will gladly repair your items. A cost will be determined after an evaluation by a certified Irene Lummertz jeweler. The customer will be informed of the total proposed cost, including shipping and handling. An invoice will be sent to the customer to authorize such charge prior to commencement of the repair.