Irene Lummertz

Founder & Creative Director

To travel and to live a life surrounded by beauty has led Irene to launch her namesake brand, Irene Lummertz Jewelry. Irene’s journey began in Brazil, a place close to her heart abounding in hidden treasures and natural resources.  From living in her birthplace of Natal, to strolling the shores of Bahia, absorbing the exotic life of Rio, and experiencing the sophistication of Sao Paulo, Irene’s life has had a tremendous bearing on the creativity of her line today. As a daughter of a gemologist, gemstone jewelry design simply runs through her blood.

“Gemstones are my passion, the core of my design. Nature does the work and I do the rest.”

Creative Process

Irene begins her creations at their very source, the mines of Brazil. As a country full of precious and semi-precious stones, her concealed beauties vary from Tourmalines, Citrines, Aquamarines, Amethysts, Blue Topaz, and more. Each individual piece is encased in 18k gold settings. After the careful extraction of these luxurious stones, they enter in to the polishing and refining stages under Irene’s personal artistic discretion. Each of her ideas transform in to a one of a kind piece that only artisanal Brazilian craftsman are capable of executing. Irene’s collection reaches from fabulously bold cocktail rings to earrings of simplistic elegance. They are adaptable and ready for the day whether it holds the beach or ballroom. Her passion is evident in each individual creation. The unique experience of owning an Irene Lummertz jewel piece is exhilarating. The customer is in essence Irene herself; a woman of modern taste who is as comfortable in jeans as she is in a glamour gown. 

“It is about style and taste, the formality of fashion has changed, now jewelry is worn everyday not just for a special event. It creates a dream, a personal expression that gives life a sparkle!”



Looking forward

Since the launch of Irene Lummertz Jewelry in 2004, Irene continues to travel the globe with great ambition to expand her creations. She appears in Paris time to time, where she works with clientele defining the conception, design, and inspiration of her brand. During her time elsewhere, she travels to and from Brazil, Washington D.C. and the lovely town of Palm Beach. Her flagship store is located in Palm Beach on Worth Avenue. Recently, Irene has expanded her chic collection on to the streets of NYC where she has a concept shop within fashion visionary Christian Siriano’s townhouse collective “The Curated NYC”. 

“All of these life experiences are the DNA of the brand. My ultimate gratification comes from seeing the happiness my creations bring to women around the world.”

Our craftsman preparing the 18K gold casting for the gemstones.

Our craftsman preparing the 18K gold casting for the gemstones.